Peak ESR40LCR meter: meet inductie tussen de 1µH en 10H (+/-1,5%), condensatoren tussen 0,5pF en 10.000µF (+/-1.5%) en weerstand van 1Ω t/m 2MΩ (+/-1%)

ESR meter: meet capaciteit en ESR van condensatoren tussen de 1µF en 2200µF en ESR met een resolutie van 0,01Ω van 0 t/m 20Ω.




LCR meter:

Measure Inductance, Capacitance and Resistance - Automatically

  • Supports inductors, capacitors and resistors.
  • Measure component values.
  • Measures the inductor's DC resistance too.
  • Auto test frequency (DC, 1kHz, 15kHz and 200kHz).
  • Auto component type detection.
  • Also works with polarised and non-polarised electrolytic capacitors in either orientation.
  • Easy to scroll through all the measurement screens (if applicable).
  • Single measurement snapshot allowing you to remove the component and keep the readings on-screen.

ESR meter:

  • Measure capacitance and ESR. 
  • Suitable for any capacitor type between 1uF and 22000uF including motor capacitors, smoothing capacitors, electrolytics, polypropylenes, in fact any dielectric type.
  • Automatic analysis start when applying probes to capacitor, no need to press test for each component.
  • New enhanced dynamic range of 0.00 to 20.0 ohms.
  • ESR Resolution as fine as 0.01 ohms.
  • Supports capacitors from 1uF to 22000uF. 
  • Capable of In-Circuit measurement of ESR. 
  • Polarity free, connect any way round. 
  • Protected against charged capacitors, automatically performs a controlled discharge with no sparks or nasty shunts.
  • Suitable for low DC resistance checking (such as PCB short checking).
  • Supplied complete with 2mm male test leads and 2mm compatible gold plated crocs.
  • Test leads are ultra-durable and 45cm (18") long with 2mm plugs.
  • Enhanced software compensation of cable resistance.
  • Complete with comprehensive user guide.
  • Capacitance/ESR reference table included.
  • Tests at the industry standard 100kHz. 
  • Long life alkaline battery fitted.
  • Auto power-off after 45 seconds if inactivity.
  • Just 103mm x 70mm x 20mm (4.1" x 2.8" x 0.8")

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