EPS Power Supplies cover the wide range of electrophoresis and blotting applications. Designed for performance, EPS Power Supplies can be relied on for security and reproducibility.


  • 3500 V, 400 mA, 200 W maximum 
  • Constant voltage, constant current, constant power, and linear voltage ramp modes
  • Linear voltage ramp mode brings proteins to focused equilibrium in IPG strips quickly without danger of overheating.
  •  Volt-hour and milliampere-hour modes compensate for variations in gel thickness, sample ionic strength, and temperature.
  •    Stores and recalls up to nine protocols, each with nine phases and phase-end alarms.

  •    Program automatic shut-off or phase end based on time, volt-hour/milliampere-hour.

  •    Current rating of up to 400 mA to handle both electrophoresis and basic blotting applications.

  •  Current resolution of 1 µA for Immobiline DryStrip and other IPG separations.

All EPS Power Supplies offer Easy-to-read digital display. Timed or continuous runs, with end-of-run alarm, if desired. Automatic parameter limit crossover to prevent overheating and protect experiments and equipment. Automatic recovery after power failure. Membrane keypads for easy programming. Two pairs of power outlets for duplicate parallel runs.


General guidelines for using power supplies: 
The constant current mode is recommended for blotting to prevent overheating.
The constant voltage mode is recommended for other applications, such as nucleic acid submarine and mini-vertical gel electrophoresis.
When connecting two electrophoresis units to the same power supply, twice as much current is required at the same voltage.
To maintain a constant temperature without using a thermostatic circulator, use the constant power mode.

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